Angelic Readings

Links are established with one's own guides and angels to bring forth the messages that the Sitter needs to know most in the moment of the reading. Working with Archangels and Ascended Masters, practical insights are relayed regarding relationships, health, employment and life's purpose.

Sessions vary depending upon the person requesting the reading, but consultations may include information on how to manifest personal goals, links to loved ones in Spirit, details regarding past lives, crystal healing and/ or identification of further healing needed to resolve issues related to Spirit Release or Space Clearing.

The links are strongest when the Sitter grants permission for the message to be relayed and then experiences the session with an open heart and mind. Everything relayed is done so with love and great respect to free will.

Kristin gave a very graceful and beautifully thoughtful reading. She presented story imagery that resonated with me. Her guidance was clear, practical and relevant. She is a reader whose sensitivity opens doors to new avenues and inspires. Light but firm directions. I would highly recommend her.
— Nora, Irish
I received an angel reading, at which time I felt she was reading my mind and my soul. She gave me evidence of thoughts and feelings I frequently have and conveyed to me when I was in awe of her gift that the angels told her these things. She told me my calling was as a healer to the humble and many other things I believe to be true. I hope that I do evolve spiritually as she and the angels believe I will. I cannot say enough about this gifted and blessed individual.
— Loretta, American