Ascended Masters

There are variations on the definition of Ascended Masters, dependant upon the theological views being expressed. KB considers the masters to be immortals of a sustained vibrational frequency of light, whose teachings, guidance and healing are given to serve humanity. Most often they are spiritual leaders, representing all major religions. Additionally they may be historic figures whose legacy may seemingly encompass elements of folklore.

LINKS to Spirit

KB has established links with several Ascended Masters and endeavours to further develop so that she may link with Spiritual Leaders across the varied world belief systems serving the Light. 

Athena: Goddess of wisdom, truth and strategy, assisting individuals in completing heroic endeavours and in mentorship. She appears in golden armour and heralds the rising energy of the Divine Feminine. 

The Christ Consciousness: The energetic awakening of one's spiritual self, as embodied in mind, body and spirit. Signifying an individual's soul purpose to help unite all of mankind, the animal kingdom and the Earth; promoting unconditional love and tolerance.

Jesus: Prophet and Healer of unconditional love, bringing forth divine guidance and healing. Past links have been made to help release Sitters from the weight of issues concerning guilt, fear, forgiveness and a loss of one's spiritual self.

Merlin: Wizard and Prophet, who legendarily advised kings and rulers. Past links have revealed details of the Sitter's past lives as well as provided insights into their future. Sacred geometry and alchemy methods may be shared to aid Sitter in becoming self actualized.

Mother Mary: Mother of Angels, a protector and healer, reflecting unconditional love and "mothering" love. Brings through a gentle knowing and soothes troubled hearts so that we may feel loved and safe.

Saint-Germain: Alchemist and Founder of the Freemasons, responsible for the Violet Flame. Has been evoked in the past to aid with space clearing, psychic protection as well as spiritual development.

During a session an Ascended Masters may step forward to bring the Sitter information that is most important at the time of their sitting.