The Witch in the Mirror

Yesterday afternoon I started to feel a massive energetic pull at the top of my head. This is the crown chakra, the energetic point that we use to connect to universal energies. The energy was very strong so I combated it the way I would a psychic attack. I visualized clearing my aura, chakras and body with disks of light. Then with the Violet Flame. Then with the aid of Archangel Zadkiel. The energy did not waiver.

I thought I might have an energetic attachment so I visualized that I was facing a mirror so that I could see what was on my head. A witch's hat.

Last night was my Psychic Advancement class, so I left the "symbolism" of the hat for our group to figure out. My teacher confirmed that I was wearing a witch's hat (without my prompting) and told me the full moon had released some past life body beliefs that needed to be cleared. That I had five past lives in which I was a "witch". That in each lifetime I held inaccurate beliefs that needed to be cleared. Once identified and understood the energy would dissipate.

I tuned in to understand what I needed to know, to dispel or release.

The first message was that I should not judge the darkness so quickly. That energy (and situations) that appear negative or destructive may be an ally (or for our highest good).

That there are important things to be learned from the darkness. Clichés, such as the need of dark to reflect the light, was not the knowledge I needed. It was not about embracing one's shadow to fully integrate all aspects of the self. It was something else.

It was that with darkness comes power. With darkness comes the need of self-love and self-protection (sometimes followed by survivalist action). That working with darkness does not mean you are attracting more darkness, nor does it mean you are jeopardizing your safety or the safety of those that you love. That you will not always be hung for being a witch.

Yes, that's what I needed to understand.

In stepping into my calling I find that I am being sent people who need to release personal demons, the dark energies in their homes, the sensitives who are under relentless energetic attacks. Curses, poltergeists, hauntings, possessions, enslavement.

I needed to understand that I have become powerful as I have released the energetic demons of others, guiding them to the dimension needed for their own shadow healing. I needed to see that this work forces me to put my safety first, or else I risk the safety of the people and spirits I am endeavoring to help. I needed to know that my family is safe. I needed to know that I will survive any fear or persecution of others.

The timing of this knowledge is divine. It is the season of the witch. And I have been asked to help a family with poltergeists, demonic attachments and a dark spirit, who reveals himself only to the child in the home. The case study will be shared when the energies are cleared.

Until then, I release the beliefs that do not serve me, embrace the wisdom shared... And speculate as to why I still see a witch's hat when I look in the mirror.

'Magic Circle' by John William Waterhouse