Listening to Angels

When I was 17 years-old I was sitting on a sidewalk along Mass Ave in Boston, waiting to buy concert tickets, when a speeding car ran a red light and careened into the line of people. As the car sped towards me, I froze in fear, then stood up and jumped in the opposite direction that others had fled. I felt a great force of air and life-crushing impact as the car passed me, driving into the building I had just been leaning against. I struggled to get to my feet and spoke aloud, "we're ok". "No, we're not," was cried back, as I turned to see the flesh torn off my friend's legs. In shock, I scanned my surroundings to find the mangled-- and no longer visibly human-- body of the college freshman who had been sitting next to me. There were four other students pinned under and around the car, who suffered life-threatening injuries. But I was ok. In fact, there wasn't a scratch on me.

That's when I had no doubt that there were Guardian Angels.

I didn't realize that we literally have angels protecting us until I enrolled in Amanda Roberts' class on "Guides and Angels", held at the College of Psychic Studies in London. During class we were walked through a meditation to connect with our personal Guardian Angels and as the meditation deepened I was shocked to see an enormous winged being, of both male and female energy, draw closer.

I was further shocked when we were later asked to connect to a classmate's angels in order to bring forth a message. I instantly saw an orb of light in my mind's eye and was given detailed and accurate information regarding my classmate's health, relationships and safety. The information flowed so naturally and I was only shown what I needed to know to deliver the message. Every word given to me was gently and lovingly expressed.

The experience was so fulfilling that I began to ask family and friend's if I could connect to their guardians and give them a reading. Practical insights were shared and enthusiastically embraced. Sometimes the angels even brought forth links to loved ones in Spirit, allowing for amazingly impactful communication and healing.

As my understanding of these beings of light grows I have been shown how to be of service to the angelic realm. Telepathically I have been told that angels need to link with humans in order to heal. This is particularly essential to rescue work, which encompasses helping spirits stuck on the earth plane, removing energetic cords between victims and their attackers as well as retrieving lost or fractured souls of the living. Under angelic direction, I serve Spirit.

I am not a religious person. Talking about angels does not come naturally to me... but believing does. If I see or experience something, then I believe it. I have seen my beautiful guardian angel and the luminous and often colorful orbs of light of others. I whole-heartedly listen to their wisdom and as such am protected and at peace.