A Haunting North of London

A few weeks ago I received a message from my friend and colleague, Penny King (Crystal Master), asking if I could clear the home of a young family, who had been experiencing energetic disturbances. Happy to be of service, I asked for a sketch of the floor plan and permission to link to the family and remote view their home. Later that night I was sent a video of the three-year-old boy dancing as an orb darted around him. I sensed a very dark energy in the home and made the clearing a priority. An email from the mother also shared that her son had been communicating with a spirit named "Samson" (I'll refer to this energy as "S" moving forward).

The following morning I met with Physical Medium Tracey Hood and Penny at Clearly Destiny. We reviewed the video and sensed that the orbs were loved ones in Spirit; specifically the mother's grandfather and grandmother, trying to protect the family. We reviewed the mother's description of poltergeist activities (toys being turned on randomly, voices coming through the white noise of a baby monitor, dark figures being seen walking through rooms, rushes of cold air passing through the father) then I went to a treatment room within the shop to meditate in order to sense the space.

During a remote viewing of a home I refer to a floor plan in order to get the lay of the land and so I can report back the details per room. Often the details serve as evidence to my clients as I'll be shown things such as buried time capsules, residual energy of a death, specific objects that I was not told about, etc.

I start the session by grounding, opening my chakra energy, asking for protection then visualizing that I am outside the door of the home. I ask the guardian of the space to step forward, ask a "security'" question three times to ensure that they are who they profess to be, then I ask for their permission to clear the space. If I am given a "yes", I ask to be shown the energetic disturbances that need clearing. I'm lead room by room, clearing residual energy (such as depression, violence, suicide), crossing over Earthbound spirits, removing DFE's (Dark Force Entities) and adding energetic protection at doors, windows and mirrors. Once the space is cleared I ground the property, place angelic energy in the four further most corners of the space, thank the guardian and my guides, step out the front door and energetically return to my body.

When I "arrived" at the family's flat I was not given permission to enter. Instead I was shown what looked like thick, black energy hovering below intense white light. I sensed that the family's deceased loved ones, as well as their own guides and guardians, were trying to keep the dark forces at bay until help arrived.

Knowing that there must be a lot more to the story, I phoned the mother. She gave me permission to tune into her in order to gathering more information. I was shown that she had energetic attachments, as did her husband and infant daughter. I was "told" that the attachments had entered her energy field at age 8/9 due to an emotional trauma (she could not take this information), at age 16 (she came down with a fever that resulted in a year long illness in which she was bedridden), that she had invited dark energies to her (as a kid she and her school friends played with a ouija board) and that she was psychic but had not developed her abilities. I was being psychically attacked (migraine, nausea) during the link so I backed off and ended the call by saying we would do the spirit release and clearing in person.

Tracey, Penny and I agreed that this was not a one person job and that we each had a role to play. Unfortunately, Tracey was about to leave for a trip, so we could not travel to help for two weeks. Halloween was approaching and the family was anxious because this was also their son's 3rd birthday and he expressed fear of "S" showing up and "being naughty". I was also anxious that the activity would increase as "S" sensed me when I tuned in.

That I night I went to bed early, as the day's activities had left me drained. My husband was in the other room watching tv as I slept soundly. Then suddenly the springs of my mattress were pulled back and released, throwing me into the air. Terrified I opened me eyes to see a giant orb of blue light forming and rapidly growing above me. "S". I immediately called for the protection of Archangel Michael and Zadkiel and the dark energy was deactivated. The room returned to a calm and peaceful space.

The next day I told Tracey about the experience. Tracey's spirit team responded and instructed us to assemble a group of ten healers to send healing via a mantra at the same time every day until we could visit the family in person. The dark energies needed to be weakened in order for us to remove them without fear of harm coming to any of us.

From that point on I stopped tuning in to the home or the family. However I found that if I mentioned "S", I would draw the energy close. One night I was preparing dinner while messaging Penny. I updated her about the experience in my bedroom then immediately got a migraine. When I returned to cooking, I found maggots on the food I was preparing. I cleared and protected my home and stopped thinking about the DFE known as "S".

On Halloween, the boy's 3rd birthday, I tuned into the child and asked that the most powerful being of Light, disguised as darkness, come to protect the boy. I visualized that I was standing in the boy's energy field, then invited the protector to surround us. I held the intention that the DFE would be intimidated by the protector, keeping the mischief at bay. The intention was also programmed to ensure that the DFE would not detect that this energy was of the Light.

The next day I checked in with the family and was told that the birthday party was incident-free.

The following weekend we traveled North of London to meet the family and clear their home. We met the mother and baby daughter at Penny's home. The father had to work, so we planned on working remotely for his healing. I wanted to meet the son after his family and home was cleared, so he was in the care of one of his grandmothers.

The DFE that was with the little girl immediately reacted to me, causing anxiety and anger within the child. She screamed and scratched as I approached her and continued to cry as we began to release the spirits with her mother. The crying finally stopped when I removed the lower energetic cord between mother and child.

Tracey and I cleared mother, father and child, sharing information around the circumstances in which the various spirits attached. In doing so we shared details that we were not privy to prior, producing evidence of the accuracy of our intuition. Once everyone was cleared, grounded and protected, Penny continued to offer the family crystal healing, while Tracey and I went to clear the home.

We arrived armed with holy water, a protection mandala created by Edwin Courtney (passed to us by Ann Marie Spittle), white sage and black tourmaline crystals to create a  grid. Tracey worked with her spirit team and I called upon Archangel Michael and the Legion of Light. We worked room by room, clearing energies from each room, with the guidance and permission of the home's guardian. We were shown portholes. We saw black smoke recede into vents and cracks. We heard toys switch on and mechanical voices mock our efforts. And my hands burned with rashes as I blessed the rooms with holy water.

We worked quickly, methodically and without fear. Afterwards, we contacted Ann Marie, who tuned in to remote view the space, removing the residual lower energies. The home was cleared, then angels were placed in the four corners of the home and the protection invocation "as above, so below" placed the home in a sphere of angelic protection.

Afterwards we returned to Penny's home, where I met the three-year-old boy for the first time. The boy immediately walked over to me and said, "I saw you at my birthday party. Why didn't you play with me?". 

"I was there to help make sure you had lots of fun and keep 'S' from being naughty."

Once inside the child started to play with a truck and two figures. "Who are they?" I asked. "A policeman and 'S'," he replied. Tracey and I worked in silence to protect the boy and to begin to clear the DFE.

"You don't have to play with 'S' any more. You are stronger than him and he's not allowed to be near you anymore." I told the boy.

"I don't want to play with him. He's very naughty."

Pointing to the figures, "Who are they?" I asked.

"'S' and a policeman."

We released the DFE as I called the child's guardian angel to draw near. The angel came and enveloped the little boy with her wings. The energy lifted and a feeling of peace came over all of us.

Pointing to the figures, "Who are they?" I asked.

"Colin and Richard," the boy replied.

"S" was gone.

The boy sat on my lap and told me that he felt his angel and that he was so happy he could play with her and not "S". Then his little sister crawled over to me and gave me a cuddle. That was all the evidence and reward I needed for a successful spirit release and clearing.

The mother was kind enough to share her experience. See below:

How I came to experience the amazing things Kristin and her coworkers do was due to some very strange and unexplained things that had been happening to my family and in our home. Its hard to explain but I had noticed for some time I felt very heavy and down, as if a black cloud had been following me around. My home didn't feel much better either.

It was little things at first, the feeling that someone or something is there with you, the hairs on the back of your neck standing up when you move into a room. But then it was more. Objects would move, baby moinitors would experience interferance and we could see orbs fly by on the camera.

The reason I really started to get concerned is because of an energy that my son would talk about called 'S'; not at all a nice energy. 'S' was trying to befriend my son and spoke to him a lot. I spoke to my mum about this and she spoke to her friend who put me in contact with Kristin.

When I first spoke to Kristin she asked me to explain what had been happening and to send her a plan of my house. I explained what had been happening and informed her that since I was a young girl these unexplained things had happened to me, however recently they had got a lot more frequent.

The next day Kristin phoned me to ask a few more questions. She told me that my house and familiy needed to be cleansed. We made arangements for this and until then would keep in contact on the phone if anything happened. Kristin messaged me several times during the week to check up on us. This made me feel safe and was really nice as I had not even met her at this point.

The day of the cleansing arrived and out of nowhere I had a migraine. In itself is not strange for me, as I do suffer with them, however I had none of the usual warning signs that I get. I called upon my Archangel Michael and Raziel for protection against psychic attack and the migraine went almost straight away.

The time had come to go and when I arrived I was greeted by three lovely ladies, Kristin being one of them. I was taken to a treatment room with Kristin and Tracey, whilst my mum and daughter were taken to another room. Kristin explained what was going to happen, she has a very calming, soft and gentle nature about herself which helped me feel reassured and calm.

She asked me for permission to tune into my guides and set about clearing me. Once she was finished I was amazed at how different I felt. No longer did I feel dull and heavy. The dark cloud felt as if they had been lifted and for the first time for ages, I felt light.

Krisin continued to clear my daughter and partner and then visited my house. When she returned she informed me that she had shut three portals in my home, and got rid of the energy of where "S" had been.

Then Kristin met my son. Immediately my son was at ease around Kristin, going straight to her to play with a toy which was a truck with two little figures. Kristin asked him what they were called, one was a police man and the other was called "S".

Kristin explained to my son that he didn't have to play with "S" anymore and that she was here to help. Which she most certinaly did!

The next day my son and his father were talking about what had happened the day before. My son said to his dad, "The lady said it was ok not to play with 'S' as he's naughty. But it's ok, Daddy, because he's not here anymore. He's gone. I saw an angel at the lady's house and she touched my back".

When my partner told me this I was shocked and when my son explained to me what the angel looked like and what it did to him I was amazed. My son is only just three and I have never spoken of or shown him anything to do with angels, what they do or look like.

Since Kristin's visit my family and home are completely different, so much lighter and happier. The work Kristin does is unbelievable and I'm so grateful for everything that her and her team has done for us.

Image by Alexey Kondakov


Channelled Communication With The Pathway Collective

The following was channelled communication received on the 28th of September 2015 at Clearly Destiny and first shared on

Response to a question on how angels and archangels have come into being:

It is true that angelic energies have incarnated at some point in time and space, which is why they bear resemblance to mankind.  Their energy and vibration is such that they appear to many as orbs of light with colour and, to some, to have the appearance of wings.  It is energy that allows them to move between dimensions and plains— as their energy has a tangible, solid quality to it.  

We each have experiences of the 3rd dimension up to the 12th dimension throughout the cycles of our infinite number of lives.  Part of the stream of a multidimensional reality is so that we may move between the physical realms and energetic realms— being able to choose which we want to experience. We may choose to go back and forth to a physical reality of touch, tastes, smells, sight and hearing, or one that is pure energy, bliss and knowing, however void of the sentimentality of our more human experiences. 

Archangels have had human life times but are not wholly of a human existence.  They are the embodiment of what you understand as the Higher Self.  Embodiment is just a word to explain the containment of force and energy.  These archangels take on a persona and a force of nature as they grow and flourish with the intention to interact with humankind. This amplifies and reverberates the miracles, the comfort and the messages that humans receive from the Divine messengers known as archangels.  

This is to say that the energy of Archangel Michael is comprised of several thousand human experiences, achieved simultaneously across dimensions and plains that then blend for higher consciousness and energy.  That energy then grows and is amplified by the awareness of the energy amongst prophets on the human plain.   That amplified energy takes on a persona as it is named the Archangel Michael energy and shared and taught to people on the human plain.  This energy continues to reverberate and grow, creating a force to be reckoned with, creating the Protector of Humanity and the Legion of Light.  So the energy is a composition of both human experiences, thoughts and energy over an eternity.

 How did each archangel receive the responsibilities they have?

It was the sum of their expertise accumulated over their human incarnations, combined with their natural aptitudes for certain areas of oversight.  Their intelligence and energetic influence expanded, becoming infinite and all seeing. 

There are many other archangels beyond what original prophets have described, beyond the original channels of doctrine.  They also take form in other religions though they are not recognisable as angelic energies per se. The energies take on the characteristics of cultures and belief systems but ultimately their ascension and evolutions is of a similar path.

 Response to a request for a name for the communicators.

We are a collective of energies that are also on a path of ascension.  We have incarnated and accumulated wisdom from the spectrum of human experiences and emotions of both light and darkness.  We are like molecules of the Higher Self and in good time shall ascend into a form and energy akin to these archangels that you know of now.  But now is not our time to name ourselves, as we are on the beginning paths of this journey.  We follow in the footsteps to aspire to be more than what we are. To allow our egos to be absorbed and transmuted within the energies that we are accumulating and growing.

Response to share who the Channel is.

We don't want anyone of us to be in the spotlight as it is a distraction. 

Response to question on demons.

To clarify the concept of demons and darkness - the logic of the archangels and demons follows a similar trajectory. It is an accumulation of human experience that then becomes amplified, mystified and altered into shapes and features of nightmares.  This is a key to removing these energies and attachments— to link to their human aspect, long buried, understanding that their humanity is pieces of thousands of experiences. You just need the spark of only one human lifetime to be able to weaken the force of these possessions.   

Their purpose is to teach, but through necessity.  It's to teach through trials and tribulations that ultimately give us an opportunity to expand our consciousness and walk our path at a much quicker rate and much greater capacity, had we not had these experiences.  

We say this to remove the fear so that those who experience dark energies, as either the host or the healer.   Reduce the attachment or possession to a human connection and an experience that is ultimately a transformational lesson.

We will leave you with this.  Each incarnated energy that exists on your plain and dimension is part of these collective energies.  The ascension is to allow physical experiences to exhist parallel to energetic experiences.  Part of the challenge is that when one learns seemingly everything— to heal, to sustain life, to have limitless human experiences of joy—  then a deep isolation, boredom and unhappiness and settles within this utopian reality.  Which is why we experiment to find the balance of bliss and health because infinity can be a prison in this state, not necessarily the paradise that many of you imagine it to be. 

The experiment is what gives us hope, energy and excitement to find a balance for these universal truths to be shared and embodied, while understanding how not to create a state of dis-ease within the host of these experiences.


Listening to Angels

When I was 17 years-old I was sitting on a sidewalk along Mass Ave in Boston, waiting to buy concert tickets, when a speeding car ran a red light and careened into the line of people. As the car sped towards me, I froze in fear, then stood up and jumped in the opposite direction that others had fled. I felt a great force of air and life-crushing impact as the car passed me, driving into the building I had just been leaning against. I struggled to get to my feet and spoke aloud, "we're ok". "No, we're not," was cried back, as I turned to see the flesh torn off my friend's legs. In shock, I scanned my surroundings to find the mangled-- and no longer visibly human-- body of the college freshman who had been sitting next to me. There were four other students pinned under and around the car, who suffered life-threatening injuries. But I was ok. In fact, there wasn't a scratch on me.

That's when I had no doubt that there were Guardian Angels.

I didn't realize that we literally have angels protecting us until I enrolled in Amanda Roberts' class on "Guides and Angels", held at the College of Psychic Studies in London. During class we were walked through a meditation to connect with our personal Guardian Angels and as the meditation deepened I was shocked to see an enormous winged being, of both male and female energy, draw closer.

I was further shocked when we were later asked to connect to a classmate's angels in order to bring forth a message. I instantly saw an orb of light in my mind's eye and was given detailed and accurate information regarding my classmate's health, relationships and safety. The information flowed so naturally and I was only shown what I needed to know to deliver the message. Every word given to me was gently and lovingly expressed.

The experience was so fulfilling that I began to ask family and friend's if I could connect to their guardians and give them a reading. Practical insights were shared and enthusiastically embraced. Sometimes the angels even brought forth links to loved ones in Spirit, allowing for amazingly impactful communication and healing.

As my understanding of these beings of light grows I have been shown how to be of service to the angelic realm. Telepathically I have been told that angels need to link with humans in order to heal. This is particularly essential to rescue work, which encompasses helping spirits stuck on the earth plane, removing energetic cords between victims and their attackers as well as retrieving lost or fractured souls of the living. Under angelic direction, I serve Spirit.

I am not a religious person. Talking about angels does not come naturally to me... but believing does. If I see or experience something, then I believe it. I have seen my beautiful guardian angel and the luminous and often colorful orbs of light of others. I whole-heartedly listen to their wisdom and as such am protected and at peace.