Dr. Roger Nelson

The Evolution of an Ascended Master: David Bowie and the Collective Consciousness

Ziggy Stardust by Tim O'Brien

Ziggy Stardust by Tim O'Brien

Today I gave a talk at the College of Psychic Studies IN LONDON, as part of Amanda Roberts’ 'Guides and Angels' module course. Students are expected to complete case studies, deliver messages from platform and prepare a talk.

A week ago I started to consider my discussion subject matter as I had become aware that I was having an energetic response to news, images and music related to the passing of David Bowie. I wondered if research had ever been done around what I was sensing, which lead me to learning about the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). The organisation has been running experiments for the past 20 years to explore patterns around world events.

I was curious if the GCP had ever collected data around social consciousness and the death of an icon, so I emailed and asked. Dr. Roger Nelson, GCP Founder and a Cognitive Psychologist at Princeton University, responded, pointing me in the direction of reports around the announcements of the deaths of numerous iconic figures. I had shared my eccentric observation and Dr. Nelson generously ran an analysis of the data collected within 24 hours of the social media announcement of Bowie’s death.

The recording shared below, as well as the link to an accompanying power point, is the material that I presented in class this morning. 

I was extremely nervous to stand in front of people and speak my observations aloud. I felt as though I was alienating myself from my peers with every syllable uttered, even though I had been very excited to share my idea and some science to support it. As I later reflected about the experience, I came to realise how appropriate it was to be inspired to share esoteric ideas related to Bowie. That he could become my symbolic mentor for sharing myself, no matter how strange, with the world (or the handful that will listen).

I’m truly excited to energetically experiment with tuning into what I’m referring to as ‘The Bowie Consciousness’. I look forward to finding other scientific pillars to help support my hypothesis (with the guidance of my amazing social scientist husband, Chris Jackson.) -KB

Accompanying Power Point Available Here.