Mental Mediumship

KB is a Fledging Mental Medium, who endeavours to link with the Sitter's loved ones in Spirit, bringing forth evidence of the continuity of life after death. The strongest links are established during Angelic Readings, when the angels are asked to bring the Sitter "a gift". Past consultations for clients have resulted in clear communication with loved ones whose words brought forth tremendous peace and healing.

Through mediumship, KB works to establish details about the person with whom she is linking to in Spirit. In doing so, evidence is given so that the Sitter may understand and trusts the communication. When the Sitter is aware of the identity of their loved one, a message and possibly even two-way communication will begin to flow.

Although KB will set the intention to link with loved one's in Spirit when the request is made, there are no guarantees. Likewise, she may endeavour to link with specific people but may receive contact from other family and friends, who are eager to communicate.