Spirit Release

After concluding an angelic reading or space clearing consultation, it may be recommended that the client seek healing for Spirit Release. During these sessions negative energetic chords and/or spirit attachment or possession may be identified and removed. Blocked chakras and/or detachment or the fracture of one's own soul may also be determined to need healing.

Issues pertaining to the health of one's own spirit are relayed through links to the Archangels and Spirit. The removal of all unhealthy and unwanted energies is done so through angelic guidance and Divine Light.

These sessions are generally very emotional and can be a temporarily draining experience for the Client. Great sensitivity, as well as strict adherence to the instructions from Spirit, is employed during treatment. As such, it may be recommended to conduct aspects of Spirit Release over several sessions so that the individual being treated is not overwhelmed.

Aftercare instructions will be provided. It may take several days and up to several weeks before the client notices a shift in their energy/ sense of wellbeing. It is common to feel heightened sensitivity after treatment. It is important to drink water, rest, ground and be kind to one's self after these sessions.

Explanation of Terminology:

  • Cords: Throughout our lives both positive and negative energetic cords are established between people, animals, places, situations/ experiences and thought forms. The negative chords deplete our energy, weaken our auric field and can block our chakras, causing physical and emotional issues.
    • Auric Field: The subtle luminous radiation surrounding a person or object, much like a halo.
    • Chakras: Centres of spiritual power within the subtle body of the physical body. Each center acts as a channel, moving vital energy/ life force (prana) throughout our body and aura.
  • Spirit Attachment: Spirits that have inhabited the body and energy of a person. Types of attachments may include the following:
    • Deceased Human: Spirits who remain on the Earth plane after death due to a variety possible circumstances at the time of their death.
    • Elementals: Spirits of the earth, air, fire and water that may have been energetically removed from their natural environment.
    • Extraterrestrials: Lifeforms from other planets and dimensions that may be seeking refuge within the human energy field or information about the human experience.
    • Demons: Dark Force Entities (DFE's) that thrive on muting the light and life force of humans; often sent to derail one from achieving inner happiness and fulfilling their life's purpose.
    • Thought Forms: Detailed imprints of people, situations, experiences and places often created through obsessive thinking, that may attach to a person in order to energetically feed.
  • Detached Soul: When the soul of a living person has detached from their body as the result of extreme trauma or sickness.
  • Fractured Soul: When a portion or portions of a living person's soul has been fragmented due to extreme trauma or sickness.
  • Archangels: High ranking winged messengers that act as a bridge between Earth and Spirit, bringing forth messages of love, healing, protection and spirituality to humans from the Divine.
  • Spirit: General terminology to denote God, the Universe, Source and/or any and all higher energy belief systems of spiritual beings, as personalized by each of us. 
  • Divine Light: Luminous and radiant light of Spirit evoked to heal and to act as a beacon between dimensions/ energetic realms.