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SOLD OUT January's Crystals For Soulwork and Shamanic Journeying: Apophllyte, Session 5

  • Kristin Bredimus Spiritual Consultancy Suite 204, 254 Essex Street Salem, MA, 01970 USA (map)

$100, includes the cost an apophyllite keepsake. (Cost of workshops will vary in relationship to the price of the crystals supplied).

"To shamans everything in the physical universe is alive and imbued with spirit or life force, particularly crystals. Shamans, intermediaries between the physical and spiritual levels of being, traditionally used crystals for soul retrieval, empowerment, divination and journeying between the worlds to seek insights and solutions. All facilitated by crystals. Certain crystals even have specific allies, power animals or spirit beings, connected to them to assist you in your quest." Judy Hall

In this monthly series, participants will gain a foundation for how to select, cleanse, dedicate, activate and work with crystals. Each session will include a healing share as well as a shamanic journey, as assisted by the featured crystal.

Session 5 is dedicated to Apophyllite, the Spiritual Advisor. Harnessing the power of ancient molten lava streams, apophyllite brings high vibrations of light that are known to soothe feelings of anxiety, fear, and worry. It is regarded as the Reiki stone and has a high water content which makes it a very efficient conductor of energy and a carrier of the Akashic Record, easing journeys into past lives. 

Properties include:

  • Creates a conscious connection between the physical form and the spiritual realm.

  • Supports treatment of asthma, other breathing problems, and any health conditions involving the lungs.

  • Combats fatigue, enhances memory and improves mental clarity.

  • Creates pillars of light when gridding homes or offices.

  • Stimulates one's intuitive vision.

Kristin Bredimus is a certified Crystal Master Practitioner, who has been educated by Judy Hall, and trained and certified by Penny King.