Throughout my life I have had vivid moments of seeing spirits and receiving messages. I have also had moments of undeniable knowing. In 2014 I decided to seek mentorship so that I could learn how to harness and control these unique abilities.
I have always believed that a life well lived can be measured by the people whose lives you’ve positively impacted. To this end, I endevour to be a conduit of love and healing to the people whose path I cross on the earth plane and in the spirit world.
— Kristin Bredimus


  • Akashic Records Exploration: Accessing the Soul's record in order to gain wisdom regarding life lessons and one's purpose for incarnation.

  • Angelic Readings: Practical messages relayed by Guardian Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

  • Mental Mediumship: Messages of love and healing from loved ones in Spirit.

  • Mentorship: One-to-one, classes, meditations and workshops.

What Kristin does is intricate and not at all easy. How she does it is beautiful and empowering. There is no pressure, no strict set of rules, no egos, no feeling of doom & gloom - I never thought that life-changing experiences can be so calm, so soothing and so loving. The atmosphere is equally powerful and harmonizing.

I can’t recommend this amazing lady enough. Spending time with her is an absolute treat - both spiritual and simply human.
— Katherine, Russian
Kristin came to my house for a clearing. She is a very special, rare sort of person. The issue I was experiencing had me quite scared, but I immediately felt safe in her loving, kind, and exceptionally calming presence. She’s a powerful healer and knew exactly what she was doing. She spent an entire afternoon clearing me and my space of some difficult energies without breaking sweat! Extremely patient with me and my incessant questions and nervous chatter, and gave me lots of helpful information with love and care. My house and I feel clear and amazing now, and she kindly supported me by email before and after. She even told me how to heal my pet fish! Thank you, Kristin :)
— Sarah, British

  • Past Life Exploration: Identifying patterns, "contracts", "curses" and energetic issues that impact the present life.

  • Spiritual Counselling (UK only): Talking therapy combined with healing modalities, providing support for the mind, body and soul.

  • Space Clearing: Clear negative energy from home and work spaces

  • Spirit Release: Clear spirit attachments, psychic attack and cords.


I met Kristin after a weird confluence of events brought me to a point in my life where I felt I’d become stuck on many levels. Initially, I was a bit skeptical about the psychic world, but in no time at all Kristin had me firing on all cylinders. She cleared my aura, helped free me from a lot of negative baggage and restored my balance. The improvement was so immediate that I soon returned for help regarding my career. She has a very warm and gentle nature which I think helps as it is easy to open up to her and you don’t feel judged in any way but only supported. I was indeed lucky that our paths crossed and I feel blessed to have come under her guidance and can highly recommend her.
— Lizzie, South African
Kristin has a wonderful peace about her and she is very centered. I felt comfortable in her presence. I have trust issues and I felt very safe with her. She came in with no conditions except wanting the best for me, my family and my house.

I have been so blessed by meeting Kristin and working with her. Her gifts are amazing and such great benefit came from the reading and the clearing. I would call on her without hesitation for future needs.
— Cheryl, American