Training Available in Crystal Healing

Kristin Bredimus is a certified Crystal Master Practitioner, who has been educated by Judy Hall, and trained and certified by Penny King Crystals, as authorised by Philip Permutt, “The Crystal Healer”

Kristin’s level one crystal healing course was unlike any workshop or spiritual based class I’ve ever attended. Her unique style and passion for teaching shows every step of the way. I felt so welcomed and safe to be exactly who I am becoming, around like-minded souls. The workshop was laid back and fun but also informative and strengthening. Any level of knowledge around crystals is welcome because Kristin does a fabulous job at teaching in a way that meets each person at their own level. I highly recommend this course as it will give you such a deeper, hands on understanding of not only crystals, but the potential you’ll be able to unlock within yourself. You will receive healing while simultaneously being given the opportunity to give healing. This to me was such a fulfilling sense of reciprocity. I truly feel I have come out of this experience radiating nothing but love and wanting to share these beautiful healing techniques with the world! Please take a class of any kind with Kristin Bredimus if you get the chance.
— Jamie, American

crystal healing level 1: Beginners

A very practical and informative 2 days working with crystals. Crystals for self-healing, self-development and treating yourself, family and friends. You will learn:

  • How crystals are formed

  • Identifying crystals

  • How crystals work – technology & healing

  • Cleansing, Protection & Grounding

  • Programming crystals: Why and How

  • Crystal energy experience

  • Crystal healing – Physical Pain

  • Choosing Crystals using intuition and a pendulum

  • Basic introduction to treatments - Room Preparation, ambiance, crystals, preparing yourself, your client

  • Chakras - what, where, why, which and how

  • Crystal Chakra sets – healing yourself and others

  • Selecting Crystals and layout for healing – 17 point treatment plan – gridding, quartz stars, amethyst trails, brushing and sealing the aura

    Personal Investment: $400.00

    (Includes the cost of basic chakra set, activation wand, aura cleanser and sealer, as well as quartz stars.)

    Tumbled amethyst for amethyst trails is NOT INCLUDED in price but will be available by the lb for an additional cost of $35.


Crystal Healing Level 2 Practitioner

Level 2 is a practitioner level course and another very practical and informative 2 days working with crystals 

This course is designed for people who have completed Crystal Healing Level 1 or a similar course and would like to become Crystal Healers or add Crystal Healing to other healing modalities they already practice.

Training Overview:

  • Professional approaches to healing, things to consider before you see a client, healing room, presentation, client consent form, client expectations, energy exchanges, on-going clients, placing crystals

  • Professional ethics, insurance, basic business tools, accounts, records, advertising

  • Recommended reading, on-going support, advanced healing techniques

  • Crystal grids & crystal elixirs

  • Recap of Crystal Healing level 1 as required.

Certificated course – certificate is dependant on 

1.  Attendance 

2.  Case Studies– See below 

3.  Practical application of techniques in classes 

4.  An understanding of crystals and how they work

Personal Investment: $600.00

(Includes the cost of 60+ crystals used to treat physical, emotional and energetic issues.)


Crystal Healing Level 3 Advanced Practitioner

Level 3 is an Advanced Practitioner course and expands on the crystal healing techniques and knowledge you have gained from Levels 1 and 2. 

Over the past two decades new crystals have been discovered, new healing techniques have been created and some ancient ones have come to light. 

Staying with the same practical hands-on format we will cover:

  • Advanced Crystal healing techniques

  • Self – healing and development

  • Crystal meditation

  • Crystal Grids & Elixirs 

  • Crystal Detox

  • Exploring the Heart Centre

  • Relieving Stress 

Personal Investment: $600.00

(Includes the cost of crystals to use for elixirs, grinding and advanced crystal healing.)