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Middle Pillar Monthly Ritual: April's Pink Moon

  • Kristin Bredimus Spiritual Consultancy 254 Essex Street, Suite 204 Salem MA (map)
Magic is a superior power that arises from harnessing inner power through will and intention, combined with the power of divine or supernatural forces and beings to achieve a desired outcome.

— Rosemary Ellen Guiley, The Djinn Connection
You are already doing magick—you just don’t know it
— Damien Echols, High Magick

Energy exchange: $40

The Middle Pillar is a ritual that activates the energy centers within the human body that correspond to Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, through the vibration of the Divine names that correspond to each. This ritual is the foundation for harnessing magick in order to support one’s infinite potential. Magick in its simplest form is emotion and intention. When practice in accordance with Universal Law, we have the opportunity to positively impact our health, consciousness, abundance and ability to manifest.

On the eve of each full moon, a time for all-purpose magick, we will meet to perform a series of rituals, in accordance with free will and Universal Law. The rituals will include the Qabalistic Cross (to expand the magician’s sphere of consciousness and to bring down Divine Light), the Lessor Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (connecting the magician with the invisible forces of nature, in order to cleanse and protect the space in which to perform magical workings) and the Middle Pillar.

Each session will commence with an aura clearing, using ancient resins, followed by a brief discussion on Universal Law.

  • April 19 Full Pink Moon

  • May 18 Full Flower Moon

  • June 17 Full Strawberry Moon

  • July 16 Full Buck Moon

  • August 15 Full Sturgeon Moon

  • September 14 Full Harvest Moon

  • October 13 Full Hunter’s Moon

  • November 12 Full Beaver Moon

  • December 12 Full Cold Moon