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July's Angelic Communication Development

  • Kristin Bredimus Spiritual Consultancy 254 Essex Street Salem United States (map)

$250 for 5 Mondays.

Featured Angels: Gabriel, Chamuel, Haniel, Jeremiel, Jophiel

Our heritage of angels was born in the Middle East and emerged through the spiritual traditions of the Jews, who were influenced by surrounding cultures, such as the mythologies of Babylonia, Persia and Egypt. These messengers of God were believed to guard the entrance of temples, homes and buildings. They were also called upon to counter the negative influences of demons, who were believed to bring illness and misfortune.

Many Spiritual teachers believe that when we incarnate we arrive with the guidance and protection of higher dimensional beings. Amongst them are Guardian Angels, 11th dimensional beings of Light whose role it is to love us unconditionally and to attend to our prayers.

In this ongoing monthly series, participants will learn how to connect to the angelic realm, linking to bring forth messages of wisdom, healing and love. Over the course of the series participants will deepen their relationship with archangels, learning about the traits and areas of insight and support.