I endeavor to create a safe space in which insights can be shared from a higher perspective and healing can be experienced on an energetic, emotional, mental and physical levels. It is my intention to empower my clients, providing guidance for their everyday lives as well as their own unique spiritual journeys.
— Kristin Bredimus

Kristin Bredimus is a Life Coach & Spiritual Consultant, who links with the energies of the Universe to clearly communicate messages of love, healing and guidance. Her style is down-to-earth and heart-felt. The insights she shares are from her client's own guides, guardians and loved ones.

Certified Spiritual Counsellor (UK) & Certified Angelic Consultant (UK).

What others have to say…

I have had many different types of readings over the years and I can count on one hand the one’s that have been the most meaningful and helpful because they resonated with my own inner knowing and awareness.  Kristin’s reading for me would be one of those.  She put me at ease immediately with her warmth and humor and presented herself in a professional manner. She clearly communicated how she works and brings through information. Kristin encouraged questions and was responsive to them.  The reading she gave was very confirming and affirming personally and professionally of things I had been thinking about relative to my present and future.  In addition, the reading gave me more food for thought. It truly was a very rich reading.  I would meet with her again and would highly recommend her.

— -Diane, American
Kristin took me on what felt like a very high celestial journey. The messages were clear and well formulated. I appreciated the tempo of the reading— not rushed but very well thought through. Kristin was really making sure to bring the best forward. Her voice tone is very soft and it contributed to me feeling really relaxed and well at ease from the very start.

The content of the reading resonated very deeply in me. The messages around my role in the family and the family dynamics were spot on. She also gave me new pieces of information that are most useful for my understanding of my relationships with my children and my husband. I received very inspiring pieces of advice for the future.
— Nathalie, French
Kristin Bredimus is a rare find. I have been working with Kristin for the last 1.5 years. Kristin combines her intuitive gifts, empathy, professionalism and uplifting communication to facilitate healing and deliver clear, detailed and relevant intuitive reading. Kristin provides deep listening, understanding and honest communication by channeling anwers to my questions and beyond. Kristin deals with what emergies and follows the guidelines from my Guides and my Higher Self to understand the root causes of a problem / issue / energetic block and then work energetically using different tools to provide a healing and make an energetic shift. I usually feel more balanced, energised, uplifted and with clarity of mind to what to pursue next. I am very cautious to whom I allow to work with my energy. Kristin has gained my trust with the accuracy of and transformation delivered with her readings and healing. I am grateful for all the remarkable changes she has helped me to bring into my life.
— Ivana, Serbian
Kristin’s workshops are not only life changing but they transform you as well. I was stuck for 3 yrs. due to some loses, and the Angelic Realm workshop was just what I needed to help find some direction. The Cord Cutting workshop was VERY freeing of alot of pain and restrictions I didn’t know how to dissolve. Kristin is not only authentic but gives you hope. She is not only patient, but gives her total undivided attention when listening and speaking with you. I look forward to future workshops, they are the most healing workshops I have ever experienced and are essential to my development and journey!
— Paula, American