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Space Clearing and Energy Amplification with Crystals

  • Kristin Bredimus Spiritual Consultancy 254 Essex Street, Suite 204 Salem, MA, 01907 USA (map)

Ideally ‘home’ is a space of respite. It’s where we gather as a family to connect and recharge. However our spaces can accumulate the energy of its dwellers and of the environment. Overtime this energy may become draining or create energetic disturbances.

In this hands-on workshop attendees will learn how to...

•   Evaluate where lower vibrational energies are in the home

•   Clear spaces by working with a pendulum, intention and imagination

•   Create simple ‘crystal clear’ room grids

•   Infuse crystals throughout the home for protection, wellness, love and prosperity.

Please note: Space clearing materials will be available to purchase.

Spaces may build up energetic disturbances over time. It is recommended that one clears their space via seasonal cleansing/blessings, as well as when a negative energetic shift is felt.

If experiencing extreme energetic disturbances e.g. poltergeists, inhabitants becoming ill when home, or having feelings of dread, please seek the help of a practitioner.