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Sold Out: Brandberg Master Class

Brandenburg aka Brandberg Quartz is unique to Namibia.  They are named because of the mountain range they are found in. Brandberg Mountain is located in Damaraland, in the northwestern Namib Desert, near the coast.  Brandberg crystals are all mined by hand without the use of any power tools or excavation machines.  They are found in beds near to the surface.  Compared with normal quartz, Brandbergs don’t get that large. Brandbergs over 2 inches are rare.

Brandbergs quartz crystals often have amazing features, including enhydros (water bubbles), Lepidocrocite flecks (iron oxides), amethyst and smokeys, often with phantoms (milky areas that look like pyramids); the fenster amethyst comes with pyramidial 'windows'. Each crystal is pure high vibrational energy, each with the healing properties of quartz (amplification of positive energy), amethyst (calm, peace and activation of third eye chakra), fenster or window (looking within for answers) and enhydro which relates to achieving empathy for others, adaptability, change and metamorphosis of the self.